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We're a tiny non-profit project, free & open-source. We have a good start, but we need more resources to roll out OpenGovernment to all 50 U.S. states and beyond.

Want to bring OpenGovernment to your state and city, and make this free resource even better? Fund our public-mission work!

Become a Booster of the Participatory Politics Foundation, our registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. PPF Boosters donate one dollar per day, that's $10 per month, to support OpenGovernment. Sign up on PayPal -- smooth and hassle-free.

Foundations: We seek funding partners to roll out OpenGovernment to all 50 U.S. states, cities, localities, and other countries. Download & circulate our non-profit funding prospectus (in .pdf) for more information. Get in touch to start a conversation about how OpenGovernment can support your current program areas.

Political bloggers & issue-based organizations: we rely on small contributions just to keep this beta version of OpenGovernment up and running. If you value ever-greater transparency in our government and like what you see so far, please support our work by making a one-time tax-exempt contribution: donate on OpenCongress.

Join our low-volume e-mail list to stay in touch as we roll out OpenGovernment to all 50 states:

...we'll e-mail you about once a month with news & updates as we work to take OG national. While you're here, you can help spread the word about this new public resource with your community by clicking the "share this" icons at the top of this page.

Follow us on social media: @open_gov on Twitter (or @opengovernment on Coming shortly, we'll kick off our official OpenGovernment Facebook page and an open-standards Diaspora profile to build our open community of citizen watchdogs.

To help us add data to OpenGovernment for the public benefit, sign up as an OG volunteer -- head over to our Drumbeat project page and click the button to "join this project" (it's free and takes just a minute). There, you can join over hundreds of other contributors and help us find the following much-needed info for elected officials across the country (maybe even yours): social media accounts, public event schedules, video footage, scorecards from watchdog groups, and more.

What makes OpenGovernment new & different & useful? Read more about us. Just as OpenCongress has emerged as a leading resource for transparency in the U.S. Congress, so can OpenGovernment facilitate citizen watchdogging and accountable government in state legislatures and city councils. Political bloggers, educators, issue-based groups, citizen journalists, media publishers, government watchdogs, elected officials, casual web surfers: see the many ways you can use OpenGovernment.

Web developers: we're open-source to the core, contributors of code & info back to the commons, evangelists for open standards, and activists for the liberation of public data. Visit our developer hub and join the community driven OpenStates Project coordinated by Sunlight Labs to dive into our work: an extensive data & feature wish list, join our discussions, check out our source code, and help us scrape more government data from your locality.

OpenGovernment is a joint project of two 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, the Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation, and we have big plans. In keeping with the principles of transparency and accessibility, we invite you to contact us and let us know what you think.