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OpenGovernment Beta - Resources

OpenGovernment is a free, libre, and open-source public resource. Make use of what we do, remix our code, and help build public knowledge about politics.

General support and questions: ZenDesk

Developer Forum: OpenGovernment Google Group

Email list: OpenGovernment site updates

Social media: @Open_Gov on Twitter, @opengovernment on, OpenCongress Group on Facebook, Diaspora profile forthcoming, we support open standards to mitigate the ""filter bubble"".

IRC: #opengovernment on, feel free to ping user: davidrussellmoor anytime.

Badges for all five of our beta states and our logo. Let us know if you'd like another file format and we'll do our best to oblige.

Address & contact info: Participatory Politics Foundation (NYC) and Sunlight Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

More goodies to come here as soon as resources allow, including but not limited to the following:

OpenGovernment Wish List - some data, some features, some use cases ... much of it hopefully to come here, free and open-source as always.

  1. An open API with documentation for obtaining all the info on the site

  2. Free, customizable, embeddable widgets for bills, people, issues, votes, and campaign contributions in state government

  3. More RSS feed offerings and action alerts

  4. Helpful video tips and more "how-to" screenshots

  5. Some of the enhanced community features outlined here: Coming Soon on OpenCongress. See how you can help us grow.

  6. More MAPLight-style info analysis for campaign contributions made by special interests supporting & opposing individual bills

  7. More tools for bill text scrutiny -- permalinking to individual sections of bill text as offered on OpenCongress, version control for bill text revisions, and more.

  8. Site features on OpenGovernment to more productively contact your elected officials in timely ways.

  9. Social media accounts, public schedules of elected officials, and more as detailed on the OG Drumbeat page.

  10. A unified, easy-to-digest "activity feed" of actions for all the things you're tracking on OG (bills, issues, votes, actions by your elected officials, campaign contributions, and more)

  11. Open standards for other civic actions: non-emergency issue reporting to state legislatures, collaborative voting-up and voting-down of policy options, participatory budgeting, and overall more tools for deliberative democracy

  12. Vibrant communities around our Miro Community sites for video and OpenGovernment - Wiki Community Project to build public knowledge about state and local government

You can help us scale up and offer more of our information via a free API to the open Web -- help us grow.