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OpenGovernment Beta
by PPF and the Sunlight Foundation

Project Roadmap

Please find below a preliminary "wish list" for OpenGovernment, a mix of the following. Developers: please get started by visiting our developer hub, and then by loading up our Pivotal Tracker and clicking the "wish list" tag. If that's a bit confusing, rest assured we're easy to work with and eager for volunteer help, hit us up on IRC in #opengovernment or

Site Features We Seek

Data We Seek (liberated, freely-licensed, and in open standards)

This includes data we know is out there but don't yet have on the site, and government data one would normally have openly accessible in a sufficiently transparent, deliberative democracy.

In much of the above, our limiting factor isn't ideas, or a lack of valuable data to make open, but rather money for open-source web development time. See how you can help us grow.